CNC Machining Center Spindles - MV0910

Last Updated : 15/11/2021
Changhua City,Changhua County

Offer Details :

Belt Drive Spindles Spindle Taper: BT30 Outer Diameter: 100 mm Max. Speed: 15,000 rpm Bearing size: Ø45 Bearing Lubrication: Grease Clamping pull-force: 2.5 KN Kenturn has been designing, manufacturing, fabricating and marketing machine tool spindles of all kinds since 1983. The company prides itself on intensively studying spindle design and producing innovative technology.

Additional Information Provided By Seller :
Approx order value : Rs. 200
Required quantity : 100 piece
Offer type : Monthly

Know More About Seller :
Year of establishment : 1972
Years of membership with Qualtradeal since :
Number of employees : 20
Ownership type : Company
Buyer's business type : Manufacturer